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40 Downie Avenue, Belgravia

Harare, Zimbabwe

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08:00 am – 04:00 pm

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Vision and Mission

To provide opportunities for business networking with business people from all sectors of business and nationalities. To build solid business relations between Malaysia and Zimbabwe, and to enhance and promote trade, investment and economic development by offering economy stimulating initiatives, innovative advice and professional expertise between Malaysia and Zimbabwe.

What We Do

We promote business flow through business to business; as well as business to government activities; building relationships and confidence in each other; creating a sense of national responsibility; providing a platform for professional and entrepreneurship development; and engaging in activities that promote membership and raise awareness of business network without regard to boundaries.

How We Do It

Through the selection of an Executive Committee and its Secretariat chosen from different spheres representing different sectors of Malaysia and Zimbabwe business communities


01. Progressive Networking

Deliver progressive networking opportunities to the members of MyZimBiz Network which results in personal and professional successful development

02. MyZimBiz Network Membership

Build MyZimBiz Network membership through positive value adding interactions that empower organizations and individuals with unique opportunities and stimulate the economy.

03. Business Climate and Opportunities

To build confidence in each other’s business climate and opportunities through activities that promote membership in and/or raise public awareness of the Business Network and its members.

Member Benefits

Business Directory

All members are included - don't be left out! This Business Directory is sponsor/member supported and published quarterly and distributed to thousands of individuals and businesses in Malaysia and Zimbabwe. We encourage locals to “Trade and Invest on MyZimBiz Network First

Group Email

MyZimBiz Network Group Emailing - Are You Networking There? MyZimBiz Network group email is a free member-to-member benefit that every member should use. You can use the group email for advertising your business or another MyZimBiz Network business. MyZimBiz Network uses group emailing to remind members about our business events.

New Member Welcome Kit

Pick up your welcome package at our next Workshop. It includes a Member Guide, a copy of our annual business directory, useful information about MyZimBiz Network, and more.

Member To Member Discounts

Some members offer member-to-member discounts, free initial consultations, samples, coupons, etc. Call a member first when searching for goods or services. Introduce yourself! Use the contacts listed in our MyZimBiz Directory.


Members are now in control of their own profile on the new MyZimBiz Network state-of-the-art website! The MyZimBiz Network website reports all our news, events and happenings and lists all its members in our online directory. Search for members by business category, name or keyword. Always check the on-line calendars for the most up-to-date information. The website also lists all of MyZimBiz Network’s current board members.

Free Networking Meeting

Every Last Friday of the Calendar month you will get to meet at a member location to network with other MyZimBiz Network members. Check the on-line calendar for the next event and many more other events that MyZimBiz Network offers. As a new member, at the first four meetings, for additional advertising, you get to get up in front of everyone and introduce yourself and tell us about your company.

Social Networking

MyZimBiz Network is very active on Facebook and also posts to Twitter, LinkedIn. You will see announcements about MyZimBiz Network, our members, and events frequently. Please Like us at , @MyZimBiz on Twitter

Customer Service

MyZimBiz Network is known for being a member-friendly organization. We are here to help you maximize your MyZimBiz Network membership. We also have nine very active Executive Members who are eager to help and serve you.

Mentor Program

MyZimBiz Network’s Business Development & Investment Promotion Committee (BDIPC) will work to assist you with industry insights and opportunities including recommending partners were applicable that may assist your business grow. BDIPC will help you develop strategic alliances with other MyZimBiz Network Members that can complement the mission of your organization.

Power Lunches

MyZimBiz Network offers Power Lunches once every Quarter. MyZimBiz Network members gather and network while enjoying a great meal. We meet at one of our member restaurants (allowing them to showcase some of their products and services) for one of the most unique network systems going. You will get to closely meet other MyZimBiz Network members and showcase your business on a more personal level. Check the on-line calendar for the next Power Lunch.

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