Our History

MyZimBiz Network was formed in 2017 through the Malaysian Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe as a networking organization to support trade and investments between Malaysia and Zimbabwe. Today, two years later, there are members representing a variety of businesses throughout Malaysia and Zimbabwe respectively. With many Member Benefits including networking, an annual golf tournament among other activities, it is easy to see why MyZimBiz Network is the “Best Trade and Investment Promotion Business Address between Malaysia and Zimbabwe!” MyZimBiz is a networking group considers new members. Criteria to be considered for membership in the MyZimBiz includes whether or not you maintain an office in Zimbabwe and/or Malaysia. Membership is guaranteed to professionals, businesses, organizations and institutions. Admission into the Malaysia Zimbabwe Business Network is through paid up subscription for general membership and or as sponsors of MyZimBiz Networking events.

The Malaysia Zimbabwe Business Network (MyZimBiz) is a not-for-profit organization, operating primarily for the purpose of generating business opportunities for its members. MyZimBiz consists of professionals, businesses organizations and institutions represented by an owner, partner or key employee. Meetings are held as per planned calendar of events. During these meetings, business referrals, marketing ideas and general business information will be exchanged. Members and guests are encouraged to meet outside of the regular meetings, such as for breakfast, lunch or “in office” meetings in Zimbabwe, Malaysia or any other convenient preferred business venue. These oneon- one meetings are necessary to develop the personal and in turn, the long-term business relationships, between our members and increase our awareness of how we operate.
MyZimBiz is a tool that should be used to promote trade and investments for members. It should not be considered as a vehicle for members solely to sell their services to the membership. While this may happen, it should not be considered as the primary purpose, or even a major focus. Member engagements and networking activities are the fuel that makes MyZimBiz. Without the engagements and networking of members, we cannot succeed and will cease to exist. Finding new insights for trade and investment opportunities help members develop strong businesses and partnerships, which oftentimes is difficult when in isolation. The commitment to help other members is what makes MyZimBiz the best of its kind.
Members understand that business is a major commitment and that results do not occur overnight. For some it may, but for most, the benefit will be derived over a medium to long term. The important concept to consider is that MyZimBiz is a powerful tool. It will expand your business development efforts.