Who We Are

About thirty business owners joined and are members of MyZimBiz Network seeking growth and expansion avenues between the years 2017-2018. In mid 2017, MyZimBiz Network was started after consultations between Dr Gomo and The Malaysian Embassy in Zimbabwe. The Malaysia Zimbabwe Business Network was formed and MyZimBiz Network was born to promote trade and investment opportunities that benefit the growth of business between Malaysia and Zimbabwe and alas Asia and Africa respectively. From the very beginning, the “Strength in Partnerships!” motto was announced at the birth of the business network. This motto continues to be at the forefront of what being a Member of MyZimBiz Network is all about.

Our Vision and Mission

To provide opportunities for business networking with business people from all sectors of business and nationalities. To build solid business relations between Malaysia and Zimbabwe, and to enhance and promote trade, investment and economic development by offering economy stimulating initiatives, innovative advice and professional expertise between Malaysia and Zimbabwe.

How We Do It

Through the selection of an Executive Committee and its Secretariat chosen from different spheres representing different sectors of Malaysia and Zimbabwe business communities.

What We Do

We promote business flow through business to business; as well as business to government activities; building relationships and confidence in each other; creating a sense of national responsibility; providing a platform for professional and entrepreneurship development; and engaging in activities that promote membership and raise awareness of business network without regard to boundaries.